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5th March 2015 – Assembly Holi (Class I-A)

The brightness of colours, the sweetness of Gujiya and the cheerfulness of the atmoshphere, all these things combine in the joyous festival of Holi. To celebrate this festive feel, the students of class I-A presented before us an assembly on Holi.

The bright sunny morning set within us, the true mood of the festival. The assembly began by the crisp and short speeches of the students, telling us about the significance of the festival like burning of Holika, Dhulendi, colours, sweets etc.

They further showed us how the people play with colours or ‘Gulaal’ as students sprinkled ‘Gulaal’ over each other. Later a beautiful skit was presented on the harmful effects of synthetic colours and how we should avoid playing with them. It was so eye-catchy, that the message reached each and every student present in the assembly very conveniently. The assembly was concluded by a beautiful dance performance on a ‘Holi’ theme song. It was such pleasant presentation that the head of the school Mrs. Novita Chopra, clearly termed them as a “surprise package”.

(24th - 25th) February 2015 – Show and Tell Competition

Human being are social in nature. Being a part of our society, we exhibit a social behavior too. To make the children aware about the various helping hands around us & to inculcate the feeling of brotherhood and responsibility towards the society. A show and tell competition on the topic “People who help us” was conducted for the classes Buds – Blooms on 24th -25th February 2015 respectively.

The tiny tots came dressed up as various helpers like: Doctor, cobbler, nurse, painter, farmer etc. Every child performed enthusiastically and spoke interesting lines on the tools and instruments used by their respective roles.

The competition was very informative and was a great success with maximum participation of the children.


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21st February 2015 – Astronomy and Joey’s Club Activity – Asteroid Session and Newton’s Law

The astronomy session on ‘Asteroid Session’ Classes-VI - IX and ‘Newton’s Law’ Classes III - V was conducted successfully on 21st February 2015 where students were given intensive information along with demonstration and they had hands on related activity like rocket launching and online asteroid hunting session .The session was very new and it was enjoyed by students .

18th February 2015 – English Story Telling Competition (Class I)

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.
Philip Pullman

Stories are the most reliable and fun way to teach children about moral values, good behavior, etiquettes etc. Hence to give these stories more purpose, an English Story Telling Competition was organized for Class - I.

The students were first selected on the basis of their performances in the preliminary round of the competition. Later the best children were selected for the final round that was held on 18th February 2015 in the school premises. In the final round students were judged on the basis of costume / props, clarity, confidence and the theme of the story. The student participants amazed us with their attractive props, costumes and their exceptional expressive story telling skills. All of them gave tough competition to one another. The students narrated the stories with confidence and clarity while giving us morals like ‘Don’t lend ears to useless talks’, ‘Work Hard’ etc. Overall it was a treat to watch such young children perform so effortlessly.

The result of the competition were announced as :

23rd February 2015 – Assembly Spring Season (Class I-E)

After the long lazy winters, the weather opened its arms to welcome the beauty and energy of the spring season. To welcome the season with liveliness the students of class I E, presented a beautiful assembly on the topic of spring season. The cheerfulness of the weather was depicted in the presentation of the assembly with lush green trees, blossoming flowers and attractive bulletin board.

The students filled us with information about the season such as the festivals celebrated during it, the months it stays for, blooming flowers etc. Further the students of class I E made a very attractive presentation of flowers and gave special trivia on different seasonal flowers like Dahlia, Rose, Tulips, Orchids etc. the mesmerizing head gears added more opulence to the stage. The assembly was concluded by a poem, ‘The Season’, narrated joyfully by the children.

19th February 2015 – Assembly Shivratri (Class I-F)

“Om Namah Shivaya..

Let us chant this powerful mantra of Lord Shiva on Shivratri and May Lord Shiv bless everyone with happiness and prosperity”

The auspicious day of Shivratri has an immense significance in the Hindu culture. To enlighten us with its imperative role, the students of class I F presented an assembly on the topic of Shivrati. The stage was decorated very beautifully, with a huge ‘Shiv Ling’ resting in the middle and the bulletin board depicting the magnificent images of Lord Shiva. The assembly started, with the students turn by turn throwing light on the life of Lord Shiva – the Neelkanth, the Destroyer and the Creator. They told us about the beauty of the holy festival and further demonstrated us how the ‘puja’ was conducted in the temples on this holy day with bael leaves, milk, honey and flowers. It was pleasing to see such young children perform a part of the ‘puja’ infront of us. The assembly was then concluded by a beautiful thought for the day. Later certificates were given for the class I Quiz: logos and punchlines held in the month of December. The assembly ended by the admiring and encouraging words, of the head of the school Mrs. Novita Chopra.

18th February 2015 – Koyuyo Camlin Art Summit

Art Teachers Meet was organized at Sachdeva Global School in collaboration with Camlin Kokuyo Limited on 18 February 2015. Around 35 Art Teachers from 20 schools of west and north Delhi participated and shared their views about their subject and how it plays a vital role in students’ lives. Mrs. Novita Chopra, head of School, addressed the gathering by her inspirational words. The first activity was a product display which helped in boosting the memory of teachers as they had to name 20 products from the display. After this, a PPT was shown in which various activities were organized by Camlin Koyuyo like paintings on buses, trams by the famous artists and students of Kolkata and Mumbai.

A short quiz was then organized related to the PPT shown teachers were asked to create a craft items in a group of five with the craft material given to them by the team.

Beautiful masterpieces were made using paper, cups, glass colours, oil pastels etc. It was a learning experience for everyone present there as Art helps to develop one’s psychology in a much different way.

Lastly Ms. Kiran, Manager Kokuyo limited thanked the teachers for participating and Sachdeva Global School for providing platform to organize such events. New products introduced by the company were also gifted to the teachers.

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12th February 2015 – Assembly New Year 2015

The new year 2015 brought with itself a lot of energy and zeal at Sachdeva Global School, as the month of January passed by, celebrating the “Annual Day – Raaganjalee”. It ended with a lot of praise and satisfaction and then the month of February saw its first morning assembly on the topic of ‘New Year’ by the young, talented students of class I D. It was a pleasant sunny morning and the assembly began, with a ride down the memory lane of 2014, by the children of the class. They refreshed our memories about the past events and happenings that occurred in the school, during the past year. The children came turn by turn with placards and gave us a small summarized speech on the special events like the adventure camp, annual picnic to Aeroplanet, Sports meet, various assemblies etc. The clarity and the confidence in the speech of the children was admirable. It was then followed by a dance performance by the children, to wish us all a very prosperous and happy new year. Assembly was concluded by a very useful morning thought. Further certificates and medals were given to class I and II children for the science and cyber Olympiads held in the month of November. Later Mrs Novita Chopra, the head of the school praised the assembly and the efforts of the class teacher, and wished us all a prosperous new year.

31st January 2015 – Astronomy and Joey’s Club Activity – Exoplanets and Earth Sciences

Session of astronomy club-M2/S3 –Exoplanets and Joey’s club –Earth sciences was successfully conducted on 31st January 2015. Both the sessions had interactive demo which was thoroughly enjoyed by students. Joey’s club students had hands on activity of volcano in bottles.

31st January 2015 – Class XII Farewell

Sachdeva Global School bid adieu to Class XII students on 31st January 2015. Class XI was the perfect host for the day, organizing the event with extreme ease and meticulousness. The Aashirwaad ceremony was organized at 10:15 a.m. for the outgoing batch, attended by Vice Chairman, SGS, Mr. Anil Sachdeva, Hos Ms. Novita Chopra, Academic Supervisor Ms. Sumana Dutta, along with the teaching staff and class XI students. The havan was followed by a cultural event, which began with an interesting question answer round, where the students gave witty answers and opened up to the audience. This was followed by a dance performance by class XI, depicting school life and the memories associated with it. Finally, 10 students were selected for the second round where Devyani Mohan was crowned Ms. Globalite, and Khushbhir Singh won the title of Mr. Globalite. The outgoing batch also gifted Ms. Novita Chopra a scrap book, especially dedicated to her and containing snippets of their memories and interaction with Ma’am. The function ended with an inspiring speech by HoS Ms. Novita Chopra, who motivated the students to prepare themselves for life outside school and waking them up to the reality of life after school. Post the cultural function, the students were treated to lip smacking delicacies and could be seen relishing the final moments in school with their friends.

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Keeping up the tradition of challenging one’s own limits of excellence, Sachdeva Global School organized the Annual Function 2014-15 on 30th January 2015, which was a true cultural extravaganza. The theme of this grand celebration was Raaganjalee - an attempt at paying tribute to the Almighty, the Motherland and to fellow beings through the evergreen mode of melody. The chief guest was Shri S. K. Sachdeva, Chairman, Sachdeva Group of Institutions. Mrs. Kiran Gambhir, Advisor, Sachdeva Group of Schools, Dr. R. C. Chadha, an eminent member of the management committee and Mr. Anil Sachdeva, Vice Chairman, Sachdeva Global School were among the other dignitaries. They were felicitated by Mrs. Novita Chopra, the Head of the school. Principals of various schools of Dwarka were also present alongside the entire parent fraternity. The amalgamation of Vaadya (Instruments), Nritya (Dance), Bhava (Mystical Sufi Songs), Niti Gyan (Moral Wisdom through fairy tales) and a drama to convey Gaurav (Pride) for the motherland enthralled the viewers. The release of the Annual Newsletter by the Chairman and the Annual Prize Distribution showcased the laurels brought by the students and motivated them to scale newer heights. The event was a grand success and set the momentum for even higher excellence in the times to come.

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(8th - 12th) January 2015 – CBSE Athletic Meet 2014-15

Rahul Mohanta of class XII B represented SGS at 19th CBSE Athletic Meet 2014-15 held at Mahsana, Gujarat from 8th – 12th January 2015 and performed well.

(2nd - 6th) January 2015 – National School Games Judo Competition

Bhupender of class XII B participated in National School Games Judo Competition held at Thyagraj Stadium from 2nd – 6th January 2015. He secured Ist position and got selected for World School Games trial.

January 2015 – Football Tournament

Shourya Tiwari student of III-A participated in 4 on 4 Football Tournament organized by Letz Play India at Dwarka and got awarded with best player of the tournament under 10 category.

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